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BluElf Topics

The following are essays and other topics on my Web page. They are grouped here because there is not yet enough to create a separate section for each.

If you are charged for connect time or can not print because you are bandwidth limited, then send me an email requesting a copy. I will reply with an attached MS Word copy including the graphics -OR- an ASCII text copy without the graphics. Just let me know which one.

Y2K Awareness
This is a summary of a roundtable discussion I have been holding at my church. In it I try to give a basic understanding of the Y2K issue, some thoughts of various experts, and some insight as to what will happen and how we can prepare.

Polio and Me
I have Polio in 1954. This paper is a little history of Polio but mostly about what I remember. Polio changed the direction of my life when I was three and this essay may give some insight as to how it did so. I will be adding more about Polio in the future for most of my memories are good ones.

I-Net Zero
I was around when the Internet began, when surfing wasn't cool. This is a short paper I wrote for a middle school trying to explain a little about the beginnings. At the end of the paper there is a pretty good summary of people involved, Internet terms, additional reading material, and links to reference sites.

Just Something About MS with music
This is a paper I wrote for a few friends in an effort to explain MS and how it works. It is based upon data I have read but you should not hang you hat on it because a lot of things are still unknown. It is just the best explaination I have come up with.

Brownisms with music
A collection of my management philosophy gathered over the years. It doesn't tell you how to do it but there are a lot of suggestions and many things a manager needs to remember, IF he or she is to be successful.

From other sources:

Notes From The NMSS Page
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society page is the 'official' page on MS. This is a collection of summary notes I put together about various areas of the disease. You can get the details at the NMSS homepage.

NMSS 1997 Progress
The winter edition of the NMSS News letter listed several advanced against MS made in 1997. This is a summary of some of them with my commits on what they mean.