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My Experience with Polio

In 1954 I contracted polio. I write this essay because it was a major influence on my life and because it complicates my MS symptoms. This mental core dump may be long but it is not a novel. I have broken it into parts so that you can jump to sections of most interest and print only that section. In other words, they are separate HTML files.

Surviving polio patients are now up in years so I do not expect many to contact me but, if you are one, do take the time to drop an email to me. I would love to hear from you and I will respond.

Below the menu you will find the external links I use in this essay and a few books for reference

To end before I start:

If asked to summarize the effects of Polio on my life, I would have to use a quote from another survivor. She was asked, If it was possible to turn back the clock, would you want to, and if so not get Polio? She paused only a moment then answered, No thank you. I like where I've gone and where I am.

J. Gary

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A Brief Polio History

The Start


Polio Peers and Stuff, Remembered

Polio's Opportunities

Books for further reading:

A Whole New Life Reynolds Price 1994

Polio Network News R.A. Keegan 1994

A History of Poliomyelitis J.R. Paul 1971

Polio's Legacy: An Oral History E.J. Sass 1996

Internet Locations

Dr. Jonas Salk

Dr. Sabin


1954 Events


Iron Lung

FDR and Polio

Warm Springs

Post Polio