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Multiple Sclerosis
and the BluElf


I am not in the medical profession. Anything you read here
can not be considered as medical fact. It is only
my understanding of my experiences.
.........J. Gary Brown

MS Issues (+)
Some of the issues I have faced, that have been influenced by MS.

Just Something About MS
This is a short paper I wrote trying to explain to some friends about MS and how it works. It is completely my interpretation of the disease.

Symptom Management: Focus On Fatigue In Multiple Sclerosis
An extensive paper on the management of fatigue

What Causes MS?
This is what I currently believe. It is not supported by medical evidence.

NMSS Research Progress - 1997
Notes from the NMSS

All My Symptoms
A list of all the MS symptoms I have experienced thus far.

Bizarre Symptoms
Some of the other neuro affects of MS

In the Beginning with external links
Short piece about the time period when I was diagnosed.

An Email after leaving work sent to a friend discussing my early feelings.

Exacerbation Summary
A short on one 'opportunity' that I experienced.

Thought on MS
Just a thought that popped into my head one day.

My Diary, a sometimes daily log of living with MS

A little humor, if you please:

The CT Scan
An IV Day
Steroid Day