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The following are issues I have experienced while dealing with MS.
These are personal experiences and
I do not imply any clinical support for what I think.
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Notes from N.M.S.S.

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I once read a posting from an MSer who was discussing MS treatments. His conclusion was that the most effective was laughter and jelly beans. No truer words have ever been written.

I have faced a lot of issues in my life and will face many more but to start my MS Issues section I decided to begin with one solution, laughter. All my life I have used humor to get me over the unpleasant places. But for the last five year and especially since I left work, I have laughed less and less. For me, that is disaster.

When I am no laughing, I can not laugh at myself. If I can't see self-humor then I can't look at myself. When you stop looking at yourself, two things happen. First, you do not see traits that need attention and the bad ones grow until you can not see past them. Second, you start to dismiss 'self' because you are afraid of what you might see. Both of these things clear a path to depression.

An over simplified solution is to consciously look for things that are humorous around you. A jelly bean and a big belly laugh is a powerful drug that makes it much easier to laugh at yourself. When you can do that, (at least for me), you will be able to face those changes you can not control. With practice you will even be able to see humor in the worst situations, making them bearable.

This is the basic tool I have used with success in the past but have not used in a very long time. This is my eloquent solution which I begin anew today.

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