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Ms. Meredith's Room

(The following is a reprint from my family News Letter followed
by an 'interview' published at a later date.)

On Saturday, August '96, Meredith's room was observed as clean. This ends the month on a good note and gives hope for the coming month. (However, by the onset of twilight, articles were observed in various piles around the extremities of the room.)

This task was a joint family effort. Meredith's father began the project by putting articles into separate piles for later attention. This job alone required over 1 hours of focused work. Meredith's mother spent Saturday observing and directing and making suggestions before the task was complete.

Later evaluation of the room, prior to restoration, lead to interesting conclusions. Meredith's dad created a computer program taking into consideration Meredith's time away from home, her time in front of the TV, in her mother and father's room, in her brother's room, playing with her dolls, eating, sleeping, and playing with the animals. The computer program results indicated it was not humanly possible to get the room in that condition in the time available to Meredith. The conclusion is that it must have been done BY ALIENS!. The family is now negotiating a movie deal based on the experience with Steven Speilburg.

It is widely known that Meredith Brown's room is a remote extension of the Bermuda Triangle. Things go in never to be seen again and all efforts to keep the working area passable seem to be compromised by nightly alien visitations. We recently had a conversation with Ms. Brown to gain her perspective on this mystery.

Editor: Ms. Brown, why do you think your room remains a disaster?
Brown: I dunno.
Editor: Do you think it will always be that way?
Brown: Yep.
Editor: Why is it so hard for you to focus time to pick up a few things?
Brown: It's not any fun.
Editor: Yes I know but Ms. Brown, you cleaned the bath room all by yourself and did a great job. Wasn't that harder work?
Brown: Nope. It was fun.
Editor: What could be done to help you?
Brown: Mommy could sit and watch me.
Editor: What if someone came into your room and threw away everything on the floor?
Brown: So?
Editor: Doesn't it bother you to have an impassable room with things piled two feet deep on the floor?
Brown: Nope.
Editor: Ms. Brown, truthfully, don't you get embarressed when your friends come over to visit you?
Brown: Nope.

It is obvious from this dialog that the mystery of the room will continue. It is also obvious that Ms. Brown is self-assured to the point that no amount of intimidation will change the outcome. As new mysteries unfold we will report them in detail.

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