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Fun Stories Written by BluElf
060199 pink panter

These stories are of all types and were written by BluElf
If you want to use one of them, feel free to do so. I just find them fun to do. If you like one in particular, let me know. I would like to know if people enjoy them.
So, click on your choice.

Charleston Conductor

My Car's Stories

Exotic Car Quiz

Brown Family History - a summary by cousin Cherl

The Sad Blue Frog

Tha BB

She Shaves by cousin Donna

You Have Entered

Thunderstorm Phoebia

Learner's License

How to Reach Out .....
Visiting the Dermatologist - Revised

.How to Make .....

Southern Business Terms

It Just Happens


The CT Scan

Charley: The Attack Cat

Another IV Day

Steriod Day

Ms. Brown's Room

PeePee Bandit
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