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The Brown Family History--(A summary)

Imogene Wood, the daughter of William S. Wood and Lorena Bagwell Wood, and Carl Brown, the son of Henry Marvin Brown and Jewell Holcombe Brown were married on May 17, 1947 in Las Vegas, Nevada where Imogene was starring in the Caesar's Palace presentation of The Showgirl Wore White. Carl had just completed his tour of duty with McHale's Navy serving on the USS Queen Elizabeth whose home port was in Las Vegas.

Later, Carl and Imogene returned to Haralson County to raise their five daughters. Unfortunately, two daughters, Oprah and Madonna were kidnapped by a band of Gypsies just outside of Felton, never to be heard from again. The three remaining daughters, Carole, Cherl and Terri Lee (all beautiful, vivacious and real smart) grew up in Haralson County and graduated Suma-Humpa-Bumpa from Buchanan's finest girls' finishing school - Bodies by Bertha.

Carole became a travel agent specializing in tours of Indian reservations in North Dakota. It was on the reservation that she met a man called Running Total whom she eventually married. They had two children, a son they named Mega Byte and a beautiful daughter they called Cute-As-A- Kitty. Years later when Carole finally got around to doing the family laundry she discovered the name Ronald Wright written in the waistband of her husband's underwear. Unknow to him, he had originally been born in Bremen, Ga. but had unfortunately met up with the Felton based Gypsies and was sold to the Indians when he was just a baby.

Cherl followed her dreams to Nashville to be lead singer in a country music band. Her group produced hit after hit, the most notable being I'm A-Counting on You To Be True. She met her husband Luscious Larry at a club where she was performing. He was the club's bouncer and had the words I love to fling... and it shows tattooed on his arm. Their two wonderful children, Heather and Natalie sing backup when they aren't too busy..or tired..or shopping..or.

Terri chose to remain in Haralson County and give back to the community all that she had gotten from it. She opened a school in the former premises of her Alma Mater and renamed it Terri's Chop Shop. There she teaches disadvantaged Gypsies the correct way to do the TomaHawk Chop. So far her success rate has been fantastic - not one of her students has been thrown out of the stadium for incorrect chopping procedures.

by CBL

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