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1980 Brandon Patrick Brown
1982 Sean James Dority Brown
1986 Todd Edward Ayers
1986 Brittney Hallman
1986 Allen Ayers Pullen
1987 Meredith Joy Brown
1987 Jessica Alysi Lampien
1987 Christopher Patrick Lampien

1980 Jerry married Betty
1982 Tammy Jo married Mitch
1983 Eddie married Lisa
1983 Faith married Randy
1983 Valerie married Glen
1983 Keith married Kimberly
1986 Gary married Becky
1988 Debbie married Nicholas
1980 We messed up and elected an actor as President

1989 Berlin Wall Tumbles, Eastern Europe's communist dictatorship crumble in the face of widespread protests. East and West Germans tear down the Berlin Wall and celebrate the end of the Cold War

1989 Hurricane Hugo, a powerful category 4 hurricane with winds of 131-155 mph slams into the city of Charleston with a 12-17 foot wall of water rolling over Ft.Sumter around midnight. The barrier islands are inundated as an estimated 80% of homes on Sullivan's Island and Folly Island are badly damaged or destroyed. Many homes in the Historic District sustain 10 to 24 inches of flooding. While about three quarters of the 3500 significant structures suffer some damage, only twenty-five historically important buildings are severely damaged. Total losses are estimated at $2.8 billion