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Places I've Been
and Memories I Have of Them

These are some of the places I have been over the years and some of the memories of being there. Some of the things I remember would not be considered a travel advertizement but they are interesting. Look around, let me know if you have been to any of these and what you remember. I will be adding memories as I get to them.

Acopoco, Mexico
Appleton, Wisconsin
Asbury, Kentucky
Birmingham, Alabama
Buffalo, New York
Charleston, South Carolina
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Cleveland, Ohio
Dallas, Texas
Daytonia Beach, Florida
Denver, Colorado
Fort Bragg, California
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Grand Teton National
Heidleburg, Germany
London, England
Los Angles, California
Miami, Florida
Murray, Kentucky
Muskedine, Alabama
New York, New York
Paris, France
Reno, Nevada
Rocky Mountain National
San Antonio, Texas
San Francisco, California
Toronto, Canada
Warm Springs, Georgia


There was one non-business European trip that will always be a favorite. On a whim, the best way to plan a trip, I got airline tickets, EuroRail passes and reserved a car in Zurich. We jump the jet and were gone.

A near sighted person might see this little country as another European state. It has expressways, traffic, factories and everything a tourist would expect. But if you open your eyes and really look, it is all and more of an Alpine fantasy. You can not see this country from a tour bus. You have to get into it and sometimes take unexpected stops. Just outside of any city you will find places that will interest any curious mind. Yea, I love this country.

When we stopped here it was misty and damp. Yet the history of the city was clear to the eye. I felt as though I had been there before and that I would be there again.

This was the scene on the street below the window where we stayed one night. We were taking a river cruise the next day. It reminds me of bread and milk. For breakfast each day there was fabulous fresh breads of all kinds. I would always drink the strong European coffee but she would order 'milk'. It always came to her 'HOT'. In Switzerland you had to special order 'COLD' milk.

One excursion began in Interlocken. We parked the car, grabbed an overnight bag and jumped the train. Mountain train travel is something you can't forget. Every bend is a new vista. Waterfalls are right beside the tracks. Every village stop is a place to hop off and spend the day. There is never enough time enjoy it all.
One stop on this trip was a train station at the foot of a glacier. On the station platform was another outdoor restaurant. There we had the best sausage, potatoes and beer I have ever put into my mouth. I might have been hungry or it might have been because we were 10,000 feet high and sitting in the sunshine. Oh yea, going to the top of the glacier was fun too.
Of all the little towns that I have visited, one small Swiss village was like no other. Murren sits right on the side of a mountain. The only ways to get there are mountain railway, cable car or by foot. Cars and trucks are not allowed in the village. There are a few electric carts for heavy loads but getting around is done on foot.

AND this is not just a few huts. A whole community lives and works in the village. There are a number of excellent hotels, night spots, shops, stores, hospital and some damn fine beer. The food was great, the villagers fantastic and the view from any window could not be described.
Our hotel had no TV, no radio and no screen over the big window that opened over a mountain vista. There were no electric blankets but there were goose down covers. A beer in the evening was in the open air restaurant with laughter and music but no street traffic or air pollution. If I had been a little older and understood what was there, I would have stayed for the rest of the trip.

The whole trip was one I will always remember with only one regret. Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be.

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Yellowstone National Park was our first(?) national park and is visited more often than any other. But how many of you have ever been there in the winter? The park is completely different and well worth a cold visit.

As a young, single, footloose guy, I decided one year to give my parents a different kind of Christmas present. Starting a couple of months early I worked with a gorgeous travel agent pulling together a snowmobile package for them. (By the way, the travel agent and I were good friends for a while.)

My parents' present that year was a single small shoe box. It had only brochures, airline tickets and confirmed reservations. When it was opened I thought they were going to put me in an asylum. It turned out to be one of the happiest trips they ever had and one of the most satisfying gifts I have ever given.

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