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:-) I am happy, I am enjoying myself
:-)) I am very happy
:-( I am unhappy
;-) not meant like that
(-: I am left-handed
8-) I wear glasses
:-o I am surprised
:-| I fell nerved
:*) I am drunk
:-p I am showing my tongue
:-9 this happens when you type :-) and forget to press the shift key!
:-D that's funny!
:-C I am very unhappy
%-) I have been watching to much TV
#-) I have got a hangover
B-) I am cool
:-O yell
:-@ scream
:-/ I am stoned
:c really, really unhappy!
:-)~ there is spit on my keyboard
:-~) I have got a cold
:-# I wear brasses
--:-) I am a punk
--:-( real punks don't grin
:-X I will not tell you!
(:I user is an egghead
:-& user is tongue tied
:-Q user is a smoker
:-? user smokes a pipe
[:-) user is wearing a walkman
{:-) user is wearing a toupee
I-O user is yawning
*<:-) user is wearing a Santa Claus hat
:-~) user has a cold
:-{) user has a mustache
.-) user only has one eye