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updated 07/09/99
Healing Damaged Emotions
Recovering from the Memories
That Cause Our Pain

by David A. Seamands

Recently I read this book and found it a powerful 100 pages. I believe others would
see the same power. I took some notes as I read and decided to add them to my page.
I hope someone finds value, as I did.

Damaged emotions are
  1. sense of unworthiness
  2. perfectionist complex
  3. supersensitivity
  4. fears

How to fix damaged emotions
  1. Face your problem squarely.
  2. Accept your responsibility in the matter.
  3. Ask yourself if you want to be healed.
  4. Forgive everyone who is involved in your problem.
  5. Forgive yourself.
  6. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what your real problem is, and how you need to pray.

Causes for Emotional Problems
  1. Failure to receive forgiveness.
  2. Failure to give forgiveness.

Low self-esteem is Satan's deadliest weapon.

Results of low self-esteem
  1. It destroys your dreams.
  2. It paralyzes your potential.
  3. It ruins your relationships.
  4. It sabotages your Christian service.

A major source of low self-esteem is praise with conditionals (praise/love given if set conditions are met).
(Love is unconditional)

FALSE: A self-belittling attitude is pleasing to God.

The Principle of the Eternal Triangle Think about it, it is the same principle

Because some people love their partners the way they love themselves, it can mean the marriage is in trouble.

A person with low self-esteem is trying to prove himself and needs to be right in every situation in order to verify himself.

Root causes for perfectionism & depression
  1. Unpleaseable parents and conditional love.
  2. Unpredictable home situations.
Unpleaseable Parents
Unreachable goals
and lead to and
Conditional love
Unattainable stands

The first step in learing to live above depression is to accept yourself as you are.

The things that happen to you are not as important as the ways you respond to those events.

Primary reactions leading to depression
  1. indecision
  2. anger
  3. injustice

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