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What causes MS?

WARNING: I am only an analyst. I am not a doctor. These ideas are my own and should not be considered those of authority

Well, no one knows yet. However, we may be getting close. I have read a lot of things and most of it did not wash, (it didn't make sense). I am not a doctor but I am an analyst and the simple and obvious is most often the correct answer. The following is some of what I have read that seems to correlate and is right now the best theory I have seen. Maybe it is right and maybe it is not. If it is false, I would like to hear how someone shoots it down.

First, here are a few things 'about' MS.

We have a good idea of what MS does to us. I refer you to my paper 'Just Something About MS'.

MS is a steady activity within the brain. Those discrete exacerbations are visual signs of MS progress but MRI testing shows that MS is always working within the brain breaking down myelin.

Heat always affects an MSer. With heat, nerves conduct more rapidly. With demyelination due to MS, the never transmissions are short-circuited, blocked due to demyelination (dead nerve cells). When the signals are stopped, the nerves stops functioning. After the MSer cools down, the nerves start to function again taking longer or modified routes (detours).

MS normally shows up when an adult is in their 30's or 40's.

The symptoms normally seen:

Now a few facts.

So, what does this limited data tell me?

The cause of MS is not bacteria. They are too big and we would have seen them. It is not a virus. MS is not passed by physical contact in any form. I also think I can rule out high voltage electrical lines, microwaves and the automobile. In addition I rule out voodoo, space aliens, a full moon and the sign of the Zodiac.

There is a link to heredity and a combination of DNA markers. A blood relative is more likely to be diagnosed with MS. However this is not a hard link because the probability is still low and even less in the warmer regions of the world.

The following is not a new theory but it makes sense to me. At least it seems to fit the data.

Through evolution or the hand of God, the DNA structure of some people causing their myelin to have a protein that appears to be a harmful agent that the T-cells attack for body protection.

Not all people with this DNA combo get MS. Those that do experience a breakdown of their BBB. This allows T-cells into the CNS. This breakdown is the key.

I believe diet is the link between these people. Living in the colder regions and normally away from the coast, they are exposed more often to the common hypersensitive foods: diary products and grains versus seafood and fruits. In addition there is a correlation between the increase in MS over the last 50 years and the growth of the 'fast-food' industry (and saturated fats). It is also easy to link food/diet with the other data. Food is not the only factor that leads to a breakdown of the BBB but it is the more likely cause and the most simple conclusion.

It is unlikely we will be able to cure MS or repair the damage done. However, if this theory is close, it may be possible to prevent MS by identifying one's hypersensitive foods and following a diet (not just to lose weight but a healthy one.) It may also be possible to arrest MS by strengthening the BBB using medication and a strict change in diet.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a simple solution to a complex problem?

** hypersensitive foods are those to which a person may be allergic. Some of the common ones are dairy products, cereal grain, eggs, yeast, legumes (beans) and wheat products. The only way to find out if you are hypersensitive to a food is to take a blood allergy test for IgE and IgG4.

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