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Bizarre MS Symptoms

I have MS symptoms that keep me from doing a lot, but I am very lucky when compared to many others. The disease is strange and since it is brain centered, its effects are strange. The following are some of the symptoms others have posted on the MS News list server. Some I have had. Most I have not. Still, it is interesting to see what happens to others who deal with these opportunities.

I have pain on my left side extremities. it is so severe sometimes that it wakes me up during the nite. Pain medication does not ease it at all. When stressed it becomes almost unbearable.

I have the numbness, tingling, falling, left sided weakness, dropping things, electric shock feelings down the legs.

The strangest symptom I have which is very new is that it feels like I don't have any feet

I had noises in my ears like a swarm of cicadas

I have stinging sensations in my feet

My feet feel like they're freezer burned all the time.

The scariest one was to not recognize if my daughter's name was spelled correctly.

My right eye has a persistant STABBING right in the center. No burning sensation, just a constant stab ache then pain

My right side alternately sleeps, tingles or burns.

Sometimes I cannot write legibly enough to even read it myself.

One of my early symptoms was Phantom Smells

When I retain urine too long I develop severe cramps in my hands

I mix words up or stop dead in the middle of a sentence and can't remember what in the world I was talking about.

I was watching a movie with my husband when suddenly I began shaking uncontrollably & I literally felt as if I were freezing to death! My teeth were even chattering.

I tend to get a vibration right down my spine when I nod my head. Problem is my legs go wobbly when I do it.

When I sit for more than 15-20 minutes, I go completely numb.

I developed a burning sensation in my right foot

Eye pain.

I get the pricklys. It comes on when I get a certain kind of too warm and feels like the skin of my upper torso is instantly covered with thousands of miniature darts.

My right eye turns to the right 45 degrees and will not move from that direction.

I hear buzzing in my ears that resembles Morse Code...not a constant high-pitched hum, but an intermittent buzz.

My most bizarre experience was finding the left side of my body from the waist up numb and the right side of my body from the waist down numb. My head felt like someone had parted it in the middle with the left side numb.

My left ear hurts severely

A shock-like sensation when turning the head.

The most bizarre (and also scariest) symptom I ever had was when my left arm would rise of its own accord, bend close to the body, and rise above my waist, all of it screamingly painful.

If I sit in the wrong position, or _anywhere_ if it's cold, my legs buckle under me, numb nonexistent except for the pain that indicates where they used to be.

Another symptom that is really bizzare to me is that when I am driving my toes go numb, not all of them just the three in the middle whether I am bare foot or wearing shoes. I can curl my toes and feel only the outer two and the ones in the middle just feel like empty air

As I sat a watched TV one day, I felt my index finger bend and return at the rate of about one bend per second. When I grabbed the finger to stop the motion, I could feel the pulsing as the muscle tried to move. No pain, no disability, just weird.

Tinitus/noise intollerance--For me, this is absolutely the worst of all my symptoms. I can no longer watch TV or listen to a radio, which in itself is pretty crummy, but the real problem stems from having small children. Their sweet angelic voices and laughter have changed to horrible screeching noises most of the time, but especially in the evening. All I do is plead with them to be quiet, cry alot, and then feel guilty when my 5 year old asks why she can't be like other kids and play and have a normal mom. Of all the symptoms that I have, this one is the biggest problem for both my family and me. I would give anything, pay any price, for this one to be eliminated from my list.

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