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Soccer Game

Meredith plays soccer and is pretty good. She also has fun and is on a team that does not want to 'win at any cost'. Hey, it is a game. In fact her team in two full sesessions has won only three games, but the games are great to watch.

The following pictures were from their final game before next fall, AND THEY WON IT 3-0! To see a full picture, click the thumbnail.

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The action is fast, furious and intense. The girls have been known to go to hand combat when sportsmanship becomes boring.

Of course, Meredith and the coach confer often on the sidelines about the strategy of the game.

Kirissa singnals that she can take the ball, (or she has to go pee).

Ashley is the team's leading scorer but did not shake her booty in this game. Here her shot goes wide of the net.

Our goalie got a shutout! Here she kicks the ball back into play after one of her saves.

That's my girl as she shouts 'YES' Notice the ball at the far left as it heads into the goal. This was the first goal of the game and thus the game winning goal!

I SCORED was heard from the star.

In the next half an insurance goal is made by the team.

The victorious player leaves the field.