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The House Goes Up

Down the left side you see our house going up.

The first picture is what the lot looked like when we bought it.
Richard Dority saw potential.
I saw a jungle.

Things did look much better with the weeds pulled.
It seemed that something 'could' be built on that land.

Up go the posts, as required by the county.
(you have to make your house flood proof to get flood insurance
(which thus, you don't need ) )

The wood goes up. The guy showing his butt is Papa D.

With the frame in place, it began to be a house.

Then the siding.

Finally. It is still not complete (this is just a front for a movie) but you get the idea of what it will be. In addition, we will add indoor floors and outdoor grass. Yawl are all welcome to come visit at any time.