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1971 Lisa Lorraine Thomas
1975 Heather Lee Long
1976 Amy Michele Wright
1976 Elizabeth Ann Brown
1978 Hilary Dawn Brown
1979 Natalie Nichole Long

1971 Cherl married Larry
1976 Ellen married Dan
1977 Debbie married Pat
1978 Elain married John
1976 A 'Georgia Cracker' was elected President

1977 The first Spoleto Festival USA is held, and Charleston is designated the permanent American home for this 'Festival of Two Worlds' Spoleto Festival USA begins its first season with rave reviews. Deriving its name from a similar event in Spoleto, Italy, the festival offers dance, opera, plays, chamber music concerts, jazz and much more in a city wide celebration

1979 Radical Iranians Seize Hostages, Students storm the U.S. embassy in Iran and take 100 Americans hostages. They are held for 444 days before being relased