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1921 Joseph Alvin Bagwell
1922 Emma Jewell Brown
1923 Charles Brown
1925 Lillian Lucile Wood
1927 William Grady Hays
1927 Frances Rudeseal
1927 Carl Brown
1927 William Glynn Wood
1927 Alfred Columbus Bagwell, Jr
1928 Emily Ann Holcombe
1929 James Henry Brown
1929 Imogene Wood

1921 Marvin married Jewel
1924 William married Lorina
1926 Clelen married Sue
1920 U.S. Women Get Vote The 19th Amendment grants American women the right to vote. 1921 Women Swoon for star, Rudolph Valentino gains immortality as sex symbol in 'The Sheik' 1923 New Dance Sweeps Across Nation, Young americans throw themselves into the latest dance, the Charleston 1927 Lindbergh Crosses Atlantic Daring young American Charles Lindbergh becomes the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic. When he lands in France, he becomes a hero of the age. 1928 Mickey Debuts, Walt disney introduces Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with sound.