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1900 Willie Gertrude (Aunt Sister)
1900 Sue Ella Pattello
1902 Henry Marvin Brown
1902 Baby Holcombe
1903 Jewel Magelen Holcombe
1903 William Samuel Wood
1907 Bessie Lorina Bagwell
1909 Baby Holcome 2
1909 Viola Rosetta Bagwell
1909 Ben Edward Rush

1905 Columbus married Rebecca
1909 Jimmie married Emma
1903 U.S. wins Panama Canal. Panama grants the United States permanent rights over the Isthmus leading to the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914

1903 He Can Fly! Wright brothers make the first powered flight when Flyer I lifts off the beach at Kitty Hawk, NC Orville Wright flies only 120 feet in 12 seconds but his brother Wilbur stays up for 59 seconds and covers 853 feet by the end of the day

1905 Einstein: Everything is Relative German-born physicist Albert Einstein proposes the theory of relativeity stating that time and motion are relative The theory revolutionizes Newtonian physics, which has dominated for more than 100 years.