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BluElf's Selected Web Sites

Up until now I have just added my Bookmarks file to this page as my suggested set of links. Well, that is a few too many for almost anyone. So, the following is a much shorter list. Though I visit many other sites, it seems that I continue to return to this group of Web sites. Some are very common to surfers but some may not be. Scan down and see what you may find.


For many, myself included, the Web has turned into a place where you can have fun, and even relax. Yep, I enjoy it more than the TV. Here are some places where I drop in on a regular bases, when I am just surfing.

The Exploratorium and the Smithsonia are two place where you can surf for days, get lost, and enjoy yourself for hours. Vortex is a little different. It is Roadside America with an off-beat touch
Discovery Online
National Geographic
The History Channel Home
Internet Movie Database
Wrecked Humor Collection
Library of Congress
Smithsonian Institution
Salon Magazine
eZines Database
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Travels with Samantha Home
The National Women's History Project
Urban Legends Reference Pages
The Vortex


Everybody knows that almost anything can be found on the Web. I will not even attempt to suggest the 'best' places to start searching for given information, or even how to search. However, here are the locations I often use when I do not know where to begin.
Internet Public Library
World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
OneLook Dictionaries
CIA World Factbook
How Stuff Works
Multiple Sclerosis News


Watch out mall, here comes the Web. You can buy anything, well almost, from some location on the Web. It is a world shopping mall, and yea, I buy by using electrons.

The Bigbook is a worldwide yellow pages that can take you to any kind of store that you may want. One e-store I have to recommend is Amazon. Their products are the lowest priced I have found and their service, over the 4 years I have used them, has been excellent every time.
Consumer Reports
Virtual Vineyards Wine Shop


No one reads you the news on the Web, but you get it faster, almost as it is happening. You may not yet have real time video feeds but if you want indepth information without a newscaster's slant, then the Web is the place. The following are my initial sources of news.

You may not have hears of Newshub but it is a place to visit. News comes in raw, minutes after it happens and the page is constantly refreshed. Make it your HomePage and you can watch news develop.
ABC News Online
BBC News


This list is endless. I probably visit hundreds of computer sites each week but these sites are the ones I regularly touch almost every day.

Inference Find and HotBot are my search engines of choice. When I want to collect information over time, I go to Liszt to locate a mailing list on the subject and join it. ZDNet and CNET have to be the two most visited sites for computer information.
Inference Find!


These are personal sites. I am Webmaster of Holy Trinity and co-Webmaster for BHS1969. Gary and Tick are friends who have pages worth a visit.
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
BHS1969 on the Web
Gary Coombs' HomePage
Tick's Web Page