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The Origin of BluElf

Long, long ago (more than a month but less than a week) in a place far, far away (beyond the solar system but closer than the moon) there dwelled a tribe of little green men (and little green women). They did not believe in the absolute but rather sought and embraced that which was beyond them and beyond their belief. This was so because they lived between reality and fantacy (just down the street from Toco Bell).

For eons this race of green had reached out in the dimensions seeking truth and ADVENTURE. They went to many places and through many times. This included, over time, to our world. Thus the stories of little green men from space, and Rip van Winkle and Superman and Richard Nixon (as told by Sherman and the Professor on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show).

There came among these green one who was different. He (it) was BLUE. Unlike any of them, he was admired and respected above all for he had a sense of purpose, a sense of destiny, a sense of humor and a real taste for good ale.

During his adventures (as a requirement for adulthood) this Blue Elf visited Middle Earth. There he met Elrod and those of Elrod's House and others such as Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins. He heard their stories and learned of their plight.
elf point

The Blue Elf persuaded many of his green kin to follow him and dwell in Elrod's House within Middle Earth. Maybe the guys followed because the Middle Earth elfetts were more appealing than the green ones. In any case the Green Elf Bret were a great help in saving Middle Earth which lead to the Age of Humans.

Therefore, I honor this colorful little creature who with wit, humor, an eye for elfetts, and a thrust for the bubbly, helped to pave the way for mankind. I use his discription, BluElf, rather than his name (which I can't spell much less pronounce), as my Internet idenification.

The End.

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